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Flying start for newly opened combi terminal at the Port of Gothenburg

Even more freight can now be switched from road to rail in Gothenburg for onward distribution to various parts of Sweden and Europe. The Arken Combi Terminal has been open and operating at the Port of Gothenburg for the past week, and already more freight has been handled than at the old terminal, which has been replaced completely.

“It is extremely pleasing to look out over the terminal and see everything working as it should. It wasn’t that long ago that we were sat around the drawing board, pondering over different solutions. Thanks to the excellent collaboration with our contractor NCC and the operator Sandahls Goods & Parcel, we now have a complete, world-class combi terminal and more quickly than we had ever hoped,” said Magnus Nordfeldt, project leader at Gothenburg Port Authority.

It is at the 65,000-square metre terminal area beside the ro-ro container terminals in the outer port area, that containers and trailers are now being transferred between rail and road for onward distribution to companies throughout Sweden.

Moving the terminal from the centre of Gothenburg to the port has generated a whole series of benefits. The new terminal has a higher capacity, it is located closer to the companies that it serves, and it has a better-adapted road infrastructure to and from the terminal. And more than 100 trucks each day avoid having to negotiate Gothenburg city centre, making the whole transport process far more efficient, with less queuing and lower nitrogen oxide emissions.

“No time for a honeymoon”
The Arken Combi Terminal became operational at record speed. Just over a week ago the terminal was deserted, apart from the odd construction machine. Now it is a hive of activity.

“There hasn’t been any time for a honeymoon. In effect, all the freight from the old terminal in Gothenburg city centre was directed here overnight,” said Magnus Nordfeldt.

The old terminal received around five trains and over 100 trucks each day. The newly opened terminal at the Port of Gothenburg, which has much higher capacity than the old terminal, is already handling more freight. The new terminal currently receives six trains per day.

“It has been an intensive first week to say the least, with a number of teething problems, although that was to be expected with a completely new terminal. Having said that, things have worked out better than we had anticipated, and both trains and trucks are arriving and departing on schedule,” said Patrik Theander, Terminal Manager at Sandahls Goods & Parcel AB, which is the terminal operator.

Fact file: Arken Combi Terminal
The terminal area is 65,000 square metres in size and has seven rail tracks. The whole facility is electrified, and it is located beside the ro-ro terminals (ro-ro stands for roll on roll off, which means that trailers and other wheeled cargo are rolled onto and off vessels). Trains to and from Europe will be handled alongside Swedish trains. In one year, it is estimated that 100,000 trailers will be transferred from one mode of transport to another at the terminal.


Image: After a week of operations, the new combi terminal is already handling six trains and more than 100 trucks per day.

Source: Port of Gothenburg

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