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Cost-efficient solutions to the offshore construction industry

Mr Roelandt Mijnlieff holds a position as HSEQ manager/DPA at OOS International based in Seroooskerke, The Netherlands.  Being an alumni of the Ruyter Academy he recently was invited to be the keynote speaker at the November alumni meeting of VOL De Ruyter, which today is part of the University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen.

At his extensive presentation Mr Roelandt Mijnlieff highlighted the versatile and dedicated expert services of OOS International.

The well visited monthly meeting of the VOL De Ruyter in Vlissingen (© Copyright Bert Smet).

OOS International offers a fleet of versatile heavy lift vessels in accordance with the best professional standards, striving to provide the most effective and added value solutions to customers’ satisfaction. These units are built to meet the highest requirements for offshore heavy lifting, with capacities of 3600 tons (two Huisman Equipment cranes) at the ‘OOS Gretha’ and 1100 tons on board of the ‘OOS Prometheus’. The semi-submersible hull shapes of the units are the pride of the company, which enables it to work efficiently. The stable and dynamic vessels can install numerous fixed and floating structures in both shallow and deep water.

The company, spearheaded by founder and CEO Leon Overdulve, offers turnkey solutions when it comes to cost effective decommissioning services, integrating offshore accommodation facilities with heavy lift capacity.

OOS International provides a full range of solutions for the oil majors, with the combination of heavy lifting cranes, large deck space and self-propelled vessels to offload the project cargo onshore. Other important advantages are the ability to accommodate large number of project crew and the vessels have a large deck space which is ideal for the storage of steel structures.

The company’s accommodation units have a capacity of 500 and 618 people, respectively, and offering high hospitality facilities, deck space, workshops, medical services and safety equipment in general accordance with the best professional standards. The vessels are positioned alongside the fixed or floating host installations and are connected by means of a telescopic gangway, working to an uptime of 100%.

OOS International’s expert services consist of project engineering, heavy lifting and accommodation, developing safe and effective methods for removal and offloading of offshore structures such as jackets and topsides.

In a relative short time OOS International has positioned itself as a dedicated provider of high quality, cost-efficient customized accommodation solutions to the offshore construction support industries with vessels that are unique by their configuration.

For further information please visit the website of OOS International.

by Dennis Vinkoert


Image: Mr Roelandt Mijnlieff,  HSEQ manager/DPA at OOS International and based in Seroooskerke, was invited as keynote speaker at the monthly meetings of the VOL De Ruyter in Vlissingen.

More information: VOL De Ruyter / OOS International / University of Applied Sciences /




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