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Re-positioning Greece as a global maritime capital

The shipping industry is by far the most extrovert sector of the national economy,
a leading global player and a major source of income, wealth and prestige for
In a challenging global environment, the Greek shipping community is heavily investing
and expanding its global footprint.
In this report, we examine the role of Greece as a global shipping center and explore
how this role can be strengthened in the face of increasing international competition
and shifting world trade patterns from West to East. We look at what makes a country
an attractive shipping center, what are the strengths and weaknesses of Greece and
each of its two major ports, and what can be done to establish Greece as a maritime
capital of the world. The report explores how Greece can best service the shipping
industry and, in doing so, maximize the positive impact, both direct and indirect,
on the economy. We argue that, although the presence of substantial local ship
ownership is a major competitive advantage, it appears that it cannot lead by itself in
the establishment of Greece as a global maritime capital.
The report includes an academic analysis of the structure of the Piraeus and
Thessaloniki shipping clusters and a detailed analysis of Greek fleet metrics. It also
draws on the insights of the shipping community, through a survey of the views of
leading representatives of Greek shipping companies on the competitive advantages
and disadvantages of Greece as a base for ship-management functions and of the
Greek flag.
At EY, we are proud that we have over the years succeeded in standing at the
forefront of the Global and Greek Shipping Industry. We have heavily invested in
developing a wide range of auditing, advisory and other services for the shipping
sector. This report is part of our contribution to exploring ways to address the
challenges facing the industry in a continuously changing global environment.
Click here to download the full EY-report (PDF).
Image credit: EY
Source: EY
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